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    Precision machined parts often require intricate features and require precise specifications. These parts may include threads, holes, grooves, or tapers that must provide an exact fit with other components. Precision machining is typically used to produce metal parts that require precision for the product to function properly.

    3D Precision Technology toolmakers are skilled artisans who average over a decade of experience building custom precision cutting and forming tools, jigs, measurement gauges and fixture tools for materials as thin as 0.0008 in. (20 µm). 3D Precision toolmakers routinely and accurately build complex component assemblies with location tolerances to 0.0002 in. (5 µm) and multiple independently moving components timed to 50 µin. (1.3 µm) using carbide, stainless steel, tool steel, and various other materials including plastics.

    With a combination of highly qualified Machinists and Journeymen Tool & Die makers expertise, we strive to always meet the stringent quality demands and integrate the best solutions for each application, from the tool development and design stages to the realization process with tool assembly and in-house production.

    process of manufacturing

    The operator then may then enter the design into computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) programs or CNC machines. Computers automate the removal of material to produce precise parts. Precision machining processes allow for greater accuracy. Each cut is completed by a machine that receives instructions from the computer software.

    why choose us

    A professional service provider of precision machining of mechanical parts provides a wide range of applications, including secondary machining and finishing. Some of the benefits of precision machining include higher precision, higher repeatability, higher efficiency, reduced material waste, time-saving, etc.

    We at 3D Precision Industry have satisfied customers on all quality parameters and hence this is the best place for your tooling needs.