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    A die is a specialized tool that frequently employs the use of a press to shape or cut materials for components, parts, and machinery. These dies are usually customized to meet the exact specifications of whatever item they’re creating.

    Complex mold designs change constantly during part development. Constant import, export, and repair of data, as designers move models between part and mold design, can consume valuable design time and introduce errors and inaccuracies due to data translation. As a result, mold designers typically wait until the part design is “frozen” before they start tooling. Key SOLIDWORKS mold design capabilities include:

    Forming Dies

    Forming dies are generally mounted into presses to aid in the process of forming materials like plastic & sheet metal.

    Stamping Dies

    Stamping dies operate as progressive or transfer systems in the main stream

    Draw Dies

    Draw dies draw sheet metal into various shaped metal cups.


    Blanking cuts flat material by trimming the exterior edges. these dies creates a precise degree of flatness by compressing the material

    Compound Dies

    Compound dies are used in applications that require more than one cutting operation to be performed in a single stroke and stage.

    Hand Transfer Dies

    The hand transfer die stamping process relies on a transport system to move each part from station to station.


    3D Precision has a team of experts with decades of experience in Tool & Die Design, Process & CAE Simulation, Materials & Metallurgy and Tool Life Estimation/Failure Studies for Die Casting and Plastic Injection Moulding.

    Do you Provide end to end solution?

    3D has delivered end to end solution for various industries, we implement from drawings to manufacturing and transportation to Installation.

    DO you provide service worldwide?

    Yes, 3D Precision technology aims to provide service worldwide and now famous in origin asian continent, successfully delivered to many countries like Indian, Singapore, Maleysia, korea and Japan.

    What are the delivery standards

    3D team will Analise the requirement and get into an agreement of production, and further work according to the delivery guidelines, and delivery the product